Some days Wonderland makes more sense than North Carolina

It’s been all over the news, twitter and Facebook today. You couldn’t log into ANYthing without seeing something about it. North Carolina passed Amendment One. What is Amendment One? Well Amendment One bans gay marriage. The last time North Carolina banned any kind of Amendment in their constitution regarding marriage was in 1875 and that was to ban interracial marriage. We see how well that worked. Here’s the part that gets me. So as a woman I cannot marry another woman in North Carolina. I can however marry any male FIRST COUSIN! That’s right. I can marry Jim Bob and we can bring about children that could have all sorts of genetic issues. But Mary Sue…well she’s off limits.

Can someone PLEASE tell me in what universe this makes sense? Because I can’t see it!. Seriously eating things to make you bigger and drinking something to make you smaller makes WAY more sense than this. North Carolina has just set themselves back over 100 years. It’s discrimination. Plain and simple.

I think Seth Rogen said it pretty damn well: “Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you’re on a diet.”

Thank you JC Penny for sticking by Ellen

Thank you JC Penny for sticking by Ellen as your spokesperson and not giving in to the bigots

The Birds, The Bees, and Frogs?

Louise to my Thelma or Thelma to my Louise

I know I am sorely behind on my Resound11 posts. I’ve had myself buried in writing and unfortunately it hasn’t been on my sorely neglected blog. That being said. I think this is a good day to try and catch up. Or in my case start lol.

I don’t know which of us is Thelma and which is Louise. I think at times we are interchangeable. It’s been that way for the last eight years. Through kids, a divorce, you name it we’ve been through it. And we’ve been through it together. She is my biggest cheerleader, my biggest advocate and the first person to kick my ass and tell me when I’m fucking up. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She can even tell if something is wrong by the tone of my text in an IM. Yeah, she’s that good. She is in my IMs, emails and text day in and day out pushing me to write. To finish my first book, which coincidentally I finished my first draft today.

Once a year is not nearly enough to see each other. Until one of us wins the lottery or the nerds get off their asses and invents a transporter or a Stargate or something that would allow quick travel like that we have to settle on that for now. When we are together we stay up late. We talk, we giggle, we watch our kids run around and play together like they are together all the time. Thelma or Louise, I don’t care which one of us is which. Just as long as we don’t drive off the cliff :)

What’s not to love about a girl with a gun?

Vampire Mob. I can’t say enough about this show. The season finale shocked the hell out of me. It was not the what I was expecting to happen by any means. I was expecting it to be phenomenal and it was but Joe Wilson surprised the hell out of me with that ending. I owe him any mea culpas for not having posted about this sooner on this blog. In the world of Indie TV it is by far my favorite show. Why? The writing, the cast, the fact that the creator and writer of the show is out there EVERY day interacting and talking with fans on twitter. Hell I even understand having a healthy fear of spoons (You have to watch to understand) Now if you haven’t watched the rest of the series I highly recommend starting from the beginning because if you start with this episode it will spoil the rest for you.

Check out the both Season one and Season two at

Review – Fleischmann’s Simply Homemade

Not to long ago I was offered the opportunity to host a Fleishmann’s Simply Homemade party and try out their new No Knead Bread Mix. Initially I was going to do this with my sister in laws kids as well but my boys quickly claimed the honors for when my parents were in town to visit so they could bake with Nana. What kid wouldn’t want to bake bread with Nana!

They had a blast. We all did actually. The little one learned real fast that you should flour your hands when working with any kind of dough. He even stole my apron! The adults had fun supervising the kids and the kids had fun making the bread and eating it with dinner that night. I’d like to say I have a picture of the bread but the kids ate it before I remembered to take one.

We’ve made it a few times since then and have loved it!

Review – #HEXBUGHalloween

A week or so ago I was offered an opportunity to review and have a HEXBUG Halloween party. Having two boys I jumped at the chance. The box arrived and the boys were already asking questions about it. I explained we weren’t opening it just yet. Which in translation meant I was waiting until they were asleep so I could look without them.

The party was a hit. The kids had a blast. I started to help them build the habitats but they soon let me know that they wanted to do it on their own. Listening to them plan and plot out was just as much fun as doing it with them. The adults got in on it too. We had fun with the HEXBUG Larva. We had them on the table seeing how well the bugs would turn if it had an obstacle in it’s way. That is until the kids took them back.

All in all the party was a huge success. Kids and adults alike had a good time and the kids have all added HEXBUGs to their Christmas lists.

DISCLAIMER: I received a box filled with HEXBUGs and HEXBUG Habitats in order to have this party with the kids. They went home with the kids that attended the party to play with an enjoy. My opinions are my own!

Rant worth listening too – NSFW

Guy makes a VERY good point. And he’s very good at using his outside voice.


My husband saw this online and I had to share it. Her voice is amazing. Love it!!

Why Religious People are Nerds…

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