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Some days Wonderland makes more sense than North Carolina

Tweet It’s been all over the news, twitter and Facebook today. You couldn’t log into ANYthing without seeing something about it. North Carolina passed Amendment One. What is Amendment One? Well Amendment One bans gay marriage. The last time North Carolina banned any kind of Amendment in their constitution regarding marriage was in 1875 and […]

Thank you JC Penny for sticking by Ellen

Tweet Thank you JC Penny for sticking by Ellen as your spokesperson and not giving in to the bigots

The Birds, The Bees, and Frogs?


Louise to my Thelma or Thelma to my Louise

Tweet I know I am sorely behind on my Resound11 posts. I’ve had myself buried in writing and unfortunately it hasn’t been on my sorely neglected blog. That being said. I think this is a good day to try and catch up. Or in my case start lol. I don’t know which of us is […]


Tweet My husband saw this online and I had to share it. Her voice is amazing. Love it!!

I thought of you today

Tweet I thought of you today. I heard your voice. Something I haven’t heard in so long. It happened in an instant. Memories. Good times. Fun. Years where we had each others’ backs. Promises. The good times fade away. The pain all comes rushing back. The promises broken. All of them. The ties severed. The […]

Some times it’s the little things…

Tweet 8 years. A private message on a message board. No one ever thinks something so small can change everything but it can. I can’t count how many times I have heard someone say “Oh it’s one of those internet people.” or One of the fake friends?The fact remains that a good majority of the […]

Weekly Winners

Tweet Haven’t done this in awhile but I actually got to use a REAL camera and not just my phone while Sadie was getting her tattoo yesterday.

Butterbeer, dragonflies and tattoos

Tweet After a twelve hour drive the boys and I have been spending time with Sadie and family. It has been wonderful. Been spending a lot of time wishing that transporter technology was already in place so we could do this more often. The kids are getting along amazingly well and for the older boys […]

When are we going to wake up?

Tweet The conservatives and the liberals all claim free speech when its something they like from their side and then demonize the other side when its something they don’t. The psychotic response to this one line that made the audience laugh hard just amplifies the point that America has lost its way and we are […]

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