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What’s not to love about a girl with a gun?

Tweet Vampire Mob. I can’t say enough about this show. The season finale shocked the hell out of me. It was not the what I was expecting to happen by any means. I was expecting it to be phenomenal and it was but Joe Wilson surprised the hell out of me with that ending. I […]

Why Religious People are Nerds…


When are we going to wake up?

Tweet The conservatives and the liberals all claim free speech when its something they like from their side and then demonize the other side when its something they don’t. The psychotic response to this one line that made the audience laugh hard just amplifies the point that America has lost its way and we are […]

Just plain amazing

Tweet I saw this the other day online and just had to share. These two are like the title says, just plain amazing. The way they move it’s like they are made out of jelly. The way they play off each other and just have fun with it is great. And their facial expressions are […]

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