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Some days Wonderland makes more sense than North Carolina

Tweet It’s been all over the news, twitter and Facebook today. You couldn’t log into ANYthing without seeing something about it. North Carolina passed Amendment One. What is Amendment One? Well Amendment One bans gay marriage. The last time North Carolina banned any kind of Amendment in their constitution regarding marriage was in 1875 and […]

Rant worth listening too – NSFW

Tweet Guy makes a VERY good point. And he’s very good at using his outside voice.

Another case of the Misinformed

Tweet I know I’ve been scarce it’s been that whole life thing getting in the way. But I was sitting here and saw a tweet from Angela This lady is not happy about some pagans being in the running for the Top 25. All I am going to say that it’s a… So I […]


Tweet Respect. It’s something that we were taught as kids. At least that’s when we should have been taught it. I grew up in the North so it was a little different from where I am now in the South, but not glaringly different. There are basic courtesies that you expect. The basics if you […]

What’s in a number?

Tweet I debated but in the end I “covered up” the “naughty bits” in the picture. To me a woman’s body is beautiful, but others aren’t so forgiving of nudity on the internet. I also don’t want to be held responsible if some impressionable teenager ends up here. *points to the disclaimer to the right* […]

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